Welcome to Timberwolf Media LLC

Best Patriotic Video Creator in Colorado

Hi! Wicked Wizard here. You’ve found the Patriotic website for Timberwolf Media LLC, a Colorado-based Internet media creator with a massive interest in ...

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Entertaining Original Content

I’m always trying to improve my content by making it more fun for you to watch and, hopefully, continue to get something of value out of it. My channel ...
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Community Appreciation

There’s nothing quite like talking to people who have watched my videos – even the trolls. Any time someone takes the time to send me a meaningful message ...
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Proud to Be an American 'MADE IN THS USA'

  • Eat Shit Commies
  • There are ONLY 2 Genders
  • Keep Sex OUT of schools
  • Without 2A there is no 1A or any other rights